Buying a home is exciting and you’ve most likely spent some time imagining your new home. Shiny floors, farmhouse sink, modern fixtures, jetted tub, a walk-in closet; the list is endless. But it is important to look past the sparkle and focus on the details and condition of the home. Don’t let strategic staging and lighting distract your eye from noticing important details in the home.


Take into consideration the following tips while touring your next potential home. Being attentive to specific areas in the home may help prevent headaches later on.



1. Ignore The Fluff


Fresh paint and upscale decor can make you fall instantly in love with a home. But when you step inside your prospective home, focus on the details such as working appliances, squeaky floors, broken door handles or locks, wiring, etc. Take a look in the cabinets and closets; do you see signs of water damage? Is there adequate storage space for your needs? Don’t forget the exterior of the home. Will the landscaping require costly ongoing maintenance?



2. Be Hands On


Turn on the faucets and light switches, flush the toilets, open and close the windows, doors, and cabinets. Does the freezer make ice? Does the bathroom fan work properly? Be sure you know how everything works firsthand so you can address problem areas prior to moving in.



3. Peep at the Pipes


You don’t need to be a plumbing expert to notice a potential problem. Take a look under the sink. Are the pipes leaking? Is the surface damp or showing signs of past water damage? Do you notice any mold? These are indications of potentially costly repairs in the future.



4. Age the Home


Take into consideration the age of the home. If the home is older, it’s likely many items inside are older as well. Factor in the age of the heating and cooling systems, the roof, appliances and windows. These all can be huge expenses, so be sure to inquire as to what has been updated, and when. The age of these items should be factored into your offer price.



5. Location Location Location


This age-old phrase really is important to remember. Inquire about the area surrounding the home. Is the home located in a floodplain or wildfire zone? Is there future development planned nearby? Take a walk around the neighborhood, stopping by at different times of the day to get a sense of what life would be like in the neighborhood.






When buyers are considering a home to purchase, reviewing the condition of the home in detail can allow buyers to make the most informed decision regarding their purchase. Checking the little things reveal potential improvements or repairs that will be necessary down the road. Buyers may even use this information as a negotiating tool when making an offer.



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