Once your home is on the market, home buyers will want to come and see the home for themselves. How you handle the scheduling and showings can make a major impact on how quickly you sell your home. Be available to show your home. If you are unable to show the home, ask a family member or friend. If your home is unoccupied, a lockbox may be the best option. The more potential buyers coming through the door, the greater the chances are for receiving an offer.


To make a strong first impression with home buyers viewing your home, review the following guide for what to do, and not do, during your showings.





Practice the tour. Map out a route of your home to walk potential buyers through and prepare for what to say at each space. Be flexible, however, for home buyers who want to roam freely or view a different part of the home.


Stage your Home. Reduce and remove all nonessential items from the home and store in either your garage or a storage unit. Personal items, such as family photos, can be distracting to buyers.


Provide property fliers. Print out fliers and provide to potential buyers. If you’re using fsboHandshake, be sure to include your home’s H-code on the flier.  Buyers need the H-Code to make an offer through fsboHandshake.


Brighten the home. Whether the showing is during the day, or night, be sure to turn on all lights; including hallways, stairways, closets, etc.


Remove home odors.  Be sure to remove pet odor by deep cleaning your carpets. Use mildly scented air fresheners, if necessary.  


Minimize Presence.  You may offer a tour of the home or allow buyers to roam freely throughout the space. Help make potential buyers comfortable by allowing them the time, and freedom, to walk through the home on their own.


Disclose excluded items. If applicable, eliminate later confusion or disappointment by clearly identifying fixtures or appliances that you do not plan to include with the sale of the home.


Organize meticulously. Showcase your home’s storage space by neatly folding and organizing all clothing and towels. Neatly stack all items in your pantry, cabinets, and cupboards.  


Talk Facts. Be prepared for questions from potential buyers. When possible, always answer with factual information instead of offering opinions. If work has recently been completed on the home, be prepared to provide the name of the contractor and date when work was completed. Offer copies of electric, gas, property tax or water bills for buyers who inquire.





Leave valuables unprotected. Leaving valuable out is a risk not worth taking. Lock up all valuables in a safe or other private space.


Keep household pets around. We love our pets but this showing is all about our buyers envisioning the home as their own. We recommend sending all household pets to family, friends, or board them when you’re showing your home to potential buyers. Put away their toys and accessories prior to your showing. If your pet is unable to leave during the showing, keep them in a contained space and make the buyer aware of the pet ahead of time.


Follow buyers. Allowing buyers to move freely throughout the home gives them the ability to envision what their life will look like in the space.


Close off space. The purpose of a showing is to show the home in its entirety. Don’t make a buyer have to come back to see a part of the home that wasn’t available.


Share your memories. Rather than share your memories of the home focus on highlighting what features of the house your buyer may look forward to.


Hide clutter in closets. Showcase the home’s storage by allowing buyers to open closets and drawers. Hide all clutter in personal drawers and dressers (or better yet, remove completely). Use garage space or storage units, if needed, to make rooms and closets less cluttered.


Tell everything.  Try to educate the home buyer about the details of your home. There is no need to discuss your motivation for selling or neighborhood politics during a showing. Direct the conversation to focus on the details of your home.






Showing your home to potential home buyers is an important step to receiving an offer. Making your home available and preparing for showings are crucial to making a lasting impression with home buyers. Home buying is an emotional experience and a huge investment so be prepared for potential home buyers to request multiple showings.



fsboHandshake technology allows home buyers and sellers to transact directly, without agents.