You want to make sure your house is being shown in its best light. Making sure your house looks it’s best on the inside and outside is key to making the first right impression and sealing the deal with potential buyers. 



Here are some things to do when preparing your home on the inside: 


Declutter your home. Nothing cramps a houses style more than clutter. If you can remove any possessions, do so. Pack them up and put them in a storage locker while you are selling your home. This also helps expedite the moving process.


Clear off any counters. Check the kitchen and bathroom counters. Clearing off any horizontal surfaces can make the space feel more roomy.


Depersonalize your home. Remove personal touches like family photos allowing potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home and not feel like they are just guests.Fix any obvious repairs. Do you have a leaky faucet or is the garbage disposal not working? Fix them before you put your house up for sale.


A fresh coat of paint. After living in a home for years there are bound to be plenty of marks, scrapes and nicks on the wall. A fresh coat of paint will make it look brand new again and appeals more to potential buyers.


Fresh caulking in bathrooms. Put fresh caulking on the showers, tubs and around the sinks in your bathrooms.


Update outdated or unsightly fixtures. Easily add value to your property by updating any faucets, light fixtures and other accessories.


Replace old outlet or light switch covers. Sometimes after years of use light fixtures and outlet covers get dirty, scraped up and ugly. This is a fairly cheap and easy way to upgrade the look of your home.Replace all burned out bulbs. Before showing your home make sure that all the light bulbs are working to ensure there is adequate light in the house. Potential buyers will want to test the light switches.


Open all shades or curtains. Make your home feel light, airy and welcoming. Nothing is worse than walking into a dark and dull house.


Make your home smell good. Easily add some scented plugins or go one step further and bake some cookies on the day of a showing!


Clean out your closets. If your closets are full to the brim consider packing and storing items you don’t need. The roomier you can make your closets look and feel, the better!


Oil squeaky doors and hinges. Squeaky doors and hinges can make a house appear old. Simply test out your doors and if needed, spray oil on them. 




Make your home have great curb appeal. Here are some things to do to prepare your home on the outside:


Clean your windows. Cleaning your windows on the inside and outside allows more light to come into the house.


Wash the house down. If you’ve got siding on your house, give it a good cleaning so it appears fresh and new.


Paint the house and trim. If your house is looking worn, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint.


Cut the lawn and/or plant some flowers. Make sure your lawn isn’t overgrown and messy. Mow the grass and trim the edges before any showings. If you can, maybe plant some flowers to give it a more homey feel. Some people suggest planting yellow flowers as it puts people in the mood to buy!


Trim the bushes back. Cut any overgrown bushes as they make the house look unkept on the outside.


Clean the AC unit. Make sure to clear debris out of your AC unit condenser coils and filter.


Make the homes entry inviting. Spruce up the home’s entryway with flowers or a wreath on the door. Polish the house numbers to ensure they are visible. 



Selling your home can be quite a task and can get stressful but if you put in the time and effort you could end up saving thousands because of your hard work.




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