Moving into a new home is exciting, stressful and exhausting. Whether you’ve hired movers or you are moving by yourself, there is a lot of work involved but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Being prepared for the first night at your new home will help lessen the stress and put your mind at ease.


If you are like most people you focus on packing everything up and forget the essentials you need for the first night. Moving day then comes along and you realize everything you need is in a box amongst boxes. We’ve created this first-night box checklist to help you better prepare for your move without having to go through tons of boxes to find stuff the night of. If you have space, keep these boxes in the car you are traveling in or load them last in the moving truck, being sure to mark it up with a bright marker or bright colored tape.



For You, the kids & the family pets:


Air Mattress/Bedding: It is very likely that you will not have access to your bed the first night and if that is the case be sure to bring an air mattress with appropriate sized sheets and blankets. A blanket also comes in handy if you have a long road trip. Don’t forget the air mattress pump and pillows!


Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, etc.


Hand Soap: You never know how clean or dirty a new house may be so best to be safe.


Toilet Paper: Let’s be honest…some TP always comes in handy. This is especially true if you are moving into an empty house. 


Shower Liner: Most new homes don’t come with these, weird right? Bring one along so the water stays in the shower and doesn’t make a mess on the floors. 


Towels: One towel per family member. 


Pajamas/Change of clothes/Work clothes: Comfy pajamas or other sleepwear will be nice to have after your long road trip. Also, pack a fresh pair of clothes for the next day to get started with unpacking or if you have to go to work, pack your work attire. The last thing you want to do is rummage through boxes to get a change of clothes.


Baby Supplies: Sippy cups/bottles, baby formula, baby food, spoon, diapers, wipes, pacifiers and Pack ‘n Play.


Flashlight/Night Light: The electricity should be on but in the case that it isn’t, a flashlight or night light for the kids is always a good idea. 


Favorite Toys: Pack some of your kids’ toys to make them feel safe and comfortable in the new environment. Their favorite blanket might help too.


Entertainment: Laptop, DVDs, books, crayons/coloring books, etc.


Pet Supplies: Don’t forget to bring plenty of pet food and treats. They are adjusting to the new home too so you want to make them feel cozy. Also, pack any leashes plus food and water bowls.






Dishes/Utensils: Plates, bowls, and silverware are good to have on hand unless you plan to go the “takeout” route. You can also opt for paper and plastic ware. 


Meal Prep: Easily put together a quick meal for dinner and breakfast or stop by the market to pick something up. Also, pack plenty of snacks like granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, crackers, nuts, and fresh fruits. But if you run out of time some takeout menus never hurt.


Coffee/Beverages: Pack your Keurig or coffee maker. Bring coffee, filters, mugs, and k-cups. Also, bring juice/milk for the kids and plenty of water. 


Corkscrew/Bottle Opener: Celebrate your first night in your new home! Break open the champagne for this new chapter in your life.






Medications: If you or your family are on regular medication be sure to keep these close by. Perhaps include some ibuprofen for the body aches and pains that can be caused when moving. Your body will thank you later. 


First Aid Kit: Include some first aid kit essentials because you never know if someone will endure an injury or even your basic scrapes and cuts. In case of emergency, it’s better to be prepared.


Tools: Pack some go-to tools like screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, box cutters, and a hammer. 


Cleaning Supplies: Bring along some basic cleaning supplies just to give the house a once over before you unpack everything. Also, pack some trash bags, rubber gloves, antibacterial wipes, and cleaning wipes. 


Misc: Phone charger, laptop charger, pen and paper, permanent markers and tape. 


Important Documents: Just in case, have your checkbook, IDs, passports, birth certificates and social security cards with you. These items shouldn’t get misplaced.




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